10 Reasons to get a Website with VDA Marketing

Why use VDA Marketing for your website design requirements? Go ahead and read on to find out.

1. VDA Marketing provides you with a website dedicated to your brand, portfolio, products or services that is free from the distractions of competing listings and other web ads (banner ads / sidebar ads etc.) found on classifieds websites and social media. Ensure that your proposition doesn't get lost in the noise, and, instead, gets the attention it deserves.

2. A dedicated website is boundless virtual real estate that enables a seller or service provider to showcase their proposition in its entirety with complete specifications, numerous photos, embedded videos, embedded social media feeds, and direct contact details,.

3. Each website by VDA Marketing is compiled with a customised design that is both functional and aesthetically attractive. Pleasing use of animations and interactions adds interest and depth to our websites.

4. Our website designs are mobile-friendly (preferred by Google) with fast download and smooth operation provided by the global content delivery network on which they are hosted. This means that prospective clients all over South Africa and all over the world will be able to view your showcase without any significant delay; on any device – mobile or desktop.

5. Low capital outlay - with a once-off payment, starting from only R1200, we compile a website dedicated to your brand, portfolio, product or service i.e. the website is not shared in any way.

6. Free hosting for first 12 months - your website lives on the world wide web for 12 months at no additional monthly cost (T&C's). SAVE!

7. Every VDA Marketing website package includes the registration and configuration of a custom .CO.ZA domain eg. vdamarketing.co.za . Prospective buyers will be able to gain direct access to your website with this terse link as compared to the elongated links required to access listings on other portals and social media.

8. Included with the custom domain is a dedicated e-mail address, eg. info@vdamarketing.co.za, and a 3GB mailbox. Use this as your only contact channel to effectively avoid giving out personal contact info like personal e-mail addresses or personal mobile numbers.

9. Renewal of hosting, custom domain, and mailbox starts at R50/month billed biannually / annually in advance. SAVE!

10. Prospective buyers can find your website through Google and Bing searches. They can also be directed to your website through links and QR codes nested in online and printed publications and signage etc. Ensure that the leads you are driving to your showcase are not shared with other listings as is the case when directing leads to your listing on social media or classifieds portals.

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