Website Design in Milnerton from R1995

Get a BuzzBoost™ Website including modern website design, search engine optimisation, a custom .CO.ZA domain, 12 months of website hosting and 12 months of e-mail hosting with a 3GB mailbox.

For a starter website, a small business website or a simple portfolio website, a BuzzBoost™ Website will meet your requirements and then some. Get your business online for 12 months with a BuzzBoost™ Website from R1995, no strings attached. Thereafter an annual renewal fee of R695 includes .CO.ZA domain renewal, additional 12 months of website & e-mail hosting, and a nominal website update.

BuzzBoost™ Website Features

Mobile-Optimised, Website Design

A BuzzBoost™ website will include any combination of your business' branding, written content, pictures, embedded video,  business hours, location details, contact details & contact form compiled into a custom, 1, 2 or 3 page format. 

Social Media Integration

In addition, your website may include embedded social media feeds, comments, posts, reviews as well as one touch buttons to link to social pages and to share to social pages.

Search Engine Optimisation

Fundamental SEO is carried out including all necessary metadata on the website, as well as website and sitemap submissions to Google & Bing (Microsoft).

12 Months Hosting

Included with your BuzzBoost™ Website is 12 months of website hosting on a global content delivery network. 10GB of traffic per month is included i.e. no additional monthly fees for the first 10GB of traffic.

Custom .CO.ZA Domain Registration

12 month registration of a .CO.ZA domain is included (eg. The domain is configured for use as your website address and as your e-mail address.

E-mail Account with 3GB Mailbox

A personalised e-mail address (eg. is included. The e-mail account includes 3GB of storage and can be accessed with a mail client (eg. Outlook) or a web browser (eg. Chrome).


Your BuzzBoost™ Website is expandable. Add more content or add pages to your website as your business grows and expands its offering. All updates are processed on your behalf by VDA Marketing.


Upgrade hosting, opt for a .COM, .NET or other top level domain, add e-mail accounts and upgrade mailbox storage. Should additional functionality be required, consider an upgrade to the WordPress ecosystem

Live Website & Branding Examples

BuzzBoost™ Plus Website

Get a WordPress / WooCommerce powered website and get even more out of your website; enhance the content and function of your website with a content management system and endless plugins.

Website Supplements

Improve your online visibility with these extras. All items are available as stand alone services.

Google Business Profile        

  • Including business description, pictures, video, operating hours, contact details, a pinned location on Google Maps, customer reviews and customer messaging. 

Bing Business Profile            

ONLY R100*
  • Duplication of Google Business Profile to the Bing (Microsoft) network.
  • * Subject to Google Business Profile setup.

Whatsapp Business (Advanced Setup)                  

FROM  R300
  • Including business profile, auto-response messages, quick response messages (5 items), and catalogue with products or services (5 items). 

Google, Bing & Whatsapp Business Bundle                    

  • A bouquet of the aforementioned Google Business Profile, Bing Business Profile, and Whatsapp Business (Advanced Setup) services. 

Content Creation               

  • Professionally-written content with five professionally-shot high resolution images for use on websites, social media or in the press. Read more...

"Single-Sided" Digital Business Cards  

  • A hyperlinked PDF and JPEG format business card including all primary contact details and business description.

"Double-Sided" Digital Business Card Brochures 

FROM  R495
  • Similar to the aforementioned business card but with additional contents eg. current offers or further information.

Service Renewal for BuzzBoost™ Website                                   

  • Custom .CO.ZA domain, e-mail account & 3GB mailbox renewal. Additional 12 months of hosting with 10 GB/month web traffic.

Website Content from R995

Quality website content relevant to a subject builds your website's authority on that subject. The greater the quantity of quality content on a subject, the higher the likelihood of your website ranking or even topping the search results for search terms relating to that subject. Original content is preferred by search engines and websites with plagiarised content will very likely get penalised. VDA Marketing can take care of your content creation needs.

Content creation is the process of generating original copy (written content), images, and video, and processing and compiling it into useful formats suited to use in webpages, other web articles, social media, online ad campaigns, and the traditional press. VDA Marketing is synonomous with content marketing.

Pictures & video form a part of the primary content on your website, from illustrating products and services to brand communication. If all necessary written content already exists but there is a shortfall in imagery, VDA Marketing can facilitate photo and video capture as a stand alone service.

If you have the time and skills required to create your own content and are only in need of a platform on which to express yourself, then a WordPress powered website or blog may be the tool you need. A blog is essentially a content management system (CMS) that allows you to self-publish your content to your website without the need for assistance from a web designer or web developer. VDA Marketing can provide you with a BuzzBoost™ Plus Website to satisfy these requirements.

Online Ad Campaigns from R1995pm

The quickest way to be seen online is through what is known as pay per click advertising. Pay per click ads can be placed all over the web; VDA Marketing specialises in Google Search & Display Network ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

Google Ads

Google Search & Display Network Ads include ads that display across Google Search results and across the Google Display network

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads include the ads that display in Facebook feeds, status views and in Facebook's Messenger feature.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads include the ads that display in Instagram feeds and status views.

Digital Business Cards

Download our digital business cards and share them with others. Archive them to contact us in the brighter future. If you like the concept, commission us to create digital business cards for you and your staff. This new generation of business card can be transferred paperlessly; wirelessly by e-mail, Whatsapp, Telegram, bluetooth, or wi-fi.

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